Book  Of  The Month:

What's the Matter with Maria?

Written by Mona Kristensen
Illustrated by Mona Kristensen

Maria is an introverted, sensitive yet spirited little girl that lives in a small village. When her first love leaves she is entangled with many emotions and makes up an imaginary friend and ally. The author takes us through many  childhood experiences told in an innocent childlike voice that touches upon many themes such as anxiety, bullying and the effects of culture and environment. This novel has many layers and will definitely relate to young girls and even women everywhere who are finding their voice, even though they might have lost it. It is a beautiful tale of love and realizing the greatest love of all...yourself.  

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"A room without books is like a body without a soul"

-Marcus T. Cicero

This Month's



Glimmer Sing of Sun

Burst to bright adventures where vivid colors sprout, the sun paints the sky, and days are strawberry-scented. This picture poetry book transforms the ordinary to whimsical wonder. A collaborating book to Shimmer, songs of night.

The Littlest Angel
Button Nose The Sad Little Bear
Snowflakes with Sugar
The Wish Carvers

He is the littlest angel in heaven, and he doesn't know how to fly! He tries SO hard to fly, but doesn't have the courage to open his wings. What happens to him when he falls off the cloud and lands on Earth? 

What if toys could actually feel? Would they be happy or sad? Would they be able to love? Button Nose the Sad Little Bear is the story of a much loved little bear and the little girl who will never give up on finding him again. 

Mia and Bella are decorating for the holidays and decide to make a special treat which is a family tradition. Can you guess what it is? When the doorbell rings, Bella and Mia wonder...who can it be? This charming holiday-themed rhyming story includes original recipe.

When two sibling elves, Fay and Eddie, come across an old carving knife with the words “what’s carved with me will come to be” on the handle, they decide to carve and paint a pot of gold, a large stone cottage and finally a fairy tale castle. But with each wish granted comes more and more complications. 
Can they find a way to return to their peaceful life!

"I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book." 

-J.K. Rowling

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