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Children's Books & Children's Bookstore

The Importance of Children Books

The importance of children's books in a child's life is a critical part of a child’s development from a very young age. The pictures in children's books and the stories associated with them trigger the earliest part of a kid’s imagination.  Books teach children lessons about life, about themselves and the world around them.


Most children’s books makes an impression of some kind on a young mind, meaning it is important to expose kids to a number of  books and also to filter the quality of books they are exposed to.  Books about important topics and positive messages as well as age appropriate books will make an impact and better prepare a child; strengthening their foundation for a better tomorrow. 

MagicBeans Bookstore - A Children’s Bookstore for Self-Published Authors

Major bookstores like Barnes & Noble have a specific set of criteria that a book must go through before it can even be put on the shelves of the store and sold. Much of this entails having a publishing company of some kind that has been approved by the major retailer, meaning a lot of self-published children’s books are almost never sold in these major stores.


That leaves a lot of good, self-published books out in the proverbial cold, raising the question: is there a children’s bookstore for a self publisher? Fortunately, there is! Here at MagicBeans Bookstore, we support the self-published author who is trying to make a positive difference in the world through children’s books. Best part is, with every book sold, you are doing your part in helping us donate books to kids who don’t have them. We carefully review every book to make sure it is a good fit for our bookstore and feel confident in the books we showcase. If you are a self-published author of children’s books, contact us to see how you can have your books become part of the MagicBeans collection.


Learn how you can be part of the magic of MagicBeans Bookstore at

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