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Diverse Children's Books & Outside The Box Books

The Power of Diverse Children’s Books

In many books and forms of entertainment in the 20thCentury, the main characters were created and directed towards more of a Caucasian audience. The same was the case with children’s books, often leaving out minority characters or pushing them to the side. However, there is a growing number of diverse children’s books out there, allowing minority children access to books featuring kids who look like them and who they can identify with. 


Diverse children’s books have the power to promote encouragement within a minority group while educating other readers about lives that they don’t live. Diverse children’s books can ignite respect, compassion and understanding towards all types of people, no matter how different they seem. It may also help to show that we are just the same on the inside. 


Located in Tarzana, CA, MagicBeans Bookstore has a great selection of diverse children’s books at our online store. Check it out, here at

Are You Looking For A Place to Buy Outside the Box Books?

Are you looking for a place to buy outside the box books for children? Outside the box books for children are not your typical books that talk about your regular topics, like sharing, the importance of taking a bath or why not to hit. Outside the box books are books that cover such topics such as autism, bullying, multiculturalism, diversity, LGBTQ, spirituality, self esteem and much more - topics that the mainstream sometimes overlooks. 


Here at MagicBeans Bookstore, we offer outside the box books as part of our online collection. We feel that it is important to celebrate diversity by offering all types of  books where children can learn to develop compassion and an understanding about many different topics, differences, as well as how to cope with tough challenges.  We need more children's books on diversity and harder subjects that are relevant in today's world to help our children understand and deal with the challenges that face them or that they will encounter in the future. 


Check out our collection of outside the box books at

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