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Educational Children’s Books & Importance Of Reading

What Educational Children’s Books Are Worth Reading?

There is no shortage of kids educational children’s books, however, we are not talking about text books or school books we are referring to entertaining children's books that have an educational aspect to them such as STEM/STEAM.


A number of elements in each educational children’s book usually stand out above all the rest. The first is a great main character or group of main characters that the kids can identify with. Take Harry Potter, a school kid who is learning about mysterious and amazing powers and his classmates, who kids immediately see similarities in their own lives. Next is a world that is exciting and one that a child wants to explore. Often there is a bit of danger and adventure in it, showing a fertile child’s imagination a fresh place to grow. Lastly, and probably the most important factor is, does the writing clearly explain the lesson, or message, that it is trying to convey in a concise manner that is understandable by children? 


Kids enjoy reading books that they can relate to and find fascinating. If they can learn new things, new vocabulary, a new method of doing something or anything educational along the way, it makes that experience that much more valuable. The experience will help them better retain that information and often nurture their love for learning. 


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The Importance of Reading

It is no secret that reading skills are a necessity for children to succeed in school. Not only does reading improve their language but it also helps with their communication skills, which also can lead to great self esteem. Studies have shown that children who read for fun have better educational performance. Not only are they able to read better than kids who do not read for fun, but they are also able to comprehend subjects better, develop a better vocabulary and have a better understanding of other cultures. 


We cannot stress the importance of reading. So, if you are a parent, it is never too late to nurture your child’s love for reading. Even if you have a newborn at home, start reading to them a few minutes a day to expose them to language. 


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