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About an AMAZING organization called Access Books? If you haven't then you will hear a lot about them here! They are a local organization based out of the Los Angeles Bay area and they are helping build and re-build childrens libraries in low income and underprivileged areas. They have donated well over a million books and have build 284 libraries and have served over 200,000 children and counting. They believe in children having access to pleasure and relatable books as well as having a positive, creative and exciting place to read them. The best part is that they involve the children and have the children design the libraries the way they want them. They also involve the entire community and get them involved to create as sense of togetherness and community, what these children yearn for. I absolutely love what they stand for and strongly believe in there mission because it goes hand in hand with ours here at MagicBeans. That's why I have chosen them to be our next organization to which we will be donating too, with your help of course.

The next big project for Access Books is in April and its going to be in Puerto Rico. Most of the schools and libraries have been demolished to due hurricane Maria. Please visit the website to see how you can personally help. At MagicBeans every book you donate will go to Access Books, (they are looking for mainly books in Spanish and books about helping the environment). Whatever they can not use or take with them to Puerto Rico will be used to rebuild other local libraries. Make sure you check them out @

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