Sugarplum Stars

Hi everyone, my name is Lindsay DeRollo and I am a children's picture book author and illustrator. My first book is self-published through Amazon and is part of a ballet series (called "Sugarplum Stars"). The picture book is titled "Sugarplums and Shooting Stars".

The inspiration behind my books is my love of ballet. I have read many ballet books and have seen many dance recitals and productions, so I always pick up on some kind of inspirational message that I find. I also used to take ballet lessons when I was a young adult and I really enjoyed it. It made me appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that was put in to make something look so beautiful and effortless! It has an ethereal aspect to it, and is also a sort of fairy tale which I believe attracts young children in "becoming part of the story".

One tip I have for writing children's book is to always have an editor, no matter how good your grammar and talent is. Oftentimes we either miss something small, or a sentence can be re-worded to make the words "flow" more. There are a lot of little changes, either through dialogue or actions