"Oh, for the Love of Reading!"

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Written by Zachariah Rippee

Hello. My name is Zachariah Rippee.

I am a devoted husband, the father of three amazing kiddos, a teacher, an author, and an illustrator. I am someone who loves reading and learning. However, I didn’t used to be any of these things. I used to be Zachariah Rippee, the boy too dumb to read.

Growing up, my wife loved to lose herself in books. She could travel to wonderful fantasy worlds in the turn of a page. Unfortunately, my view of books was much different. I hated books. They reminded me of how I struggled with learning to read. They were proof that I was less than other kids in my class. I was no good at reading. So, I did not read. Instead of reading, I would draw.

I valued books based on their pictures alone. When all the other children were picking out their library books, I was trying to find books with the least amount of words, which also had bright, clean illustrations. I remember my favorite book. It was an animal drawing book. Apart from the metadata information, this book had 50 words. There was an animal name at the beginning of each new drawing section. Lion, tiger, whale, and eagle were words I became intimately familiar with.