The Aspie Author

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

written by author Elizabeth Jade

I was the child that struggled to fit in, but no-one knew why; the child who could tell you everything that had been going on around them all day, but couldn’t remember what the lesson was about; who heard the teachers instructions, but still didn’t know what to do and got told off for not listening. And I was the child who hid when the vacuum cleaner came out at home, even in their teens - My name is Elizabeth Jade. I’m a children’s author and animal lover living in the UK, and this is my story.

My parents had always accepted my uniqueness and even took me out of school in favour of child led learning when school was making me ill all the time. I started writing when I was fourteen, around the time I began to struggle with depression and anxiety. After several years, my mother insisted that I see someone about my mental health. I have to say that my experience with CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service) was not at all pleasant, but it was here that the possibility of Asperger's

was first explored, leading to my diagnosis just before I turned eighteen.

People have never made sense to me. In fact, I still make a habit of avoiding contact with them as much as possible. I’ve always had a natural connection to animals and have volunteered at a number of animal rescues in my area. I believe animals make far more sense than people. That’s probably why the main characters in my current books are wolves and huskies, and why these stories are told through the eyes of the animals themselves. Although the Akea series is primarily aimed at children age 7 to 11, it has been enjoyed by older children and adults, and read to younger children by their parents.