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Today, Michelle Bair is a college student finishing up a Bachelors Degree in Biology who has braved the world, made many friends, and even trained as a Ninja but she also battles a chronic medical condition and isn't fond of thunder storms.

She wrote this little book about courage in elementary school and rediscovered it after the the death of her grandmother when she may have needed courage more than every before.

Her grandmother, Tanya Richey, was a fine artist who gave into the begging of a tenacious child to draw out of her comfort zone and illustrate Michelle's story. During her career as an artist Tanya Richey painted thousands of paintings but this is the only children's book she ever illustrated.

In 2019 the story and illustrations were rescued from a dark box by Michelle's mother, April Bair and sent to press. It took the courage of three generations of Virginia women working together for years to share this book with you.

A simple book about an important idea.

Now, we'd like to know... what does COURAGE mean to you?

Bair Ink
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