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Patti Petrone-Miller and Andrew L Miller are represented by Perfect Combo Productions.

Agent and Author for: Fog Literary Agency

Film writer for Hildi Yanez Viadero Talent Management, Tina Burke, Brand Licensing Agent and Magic Grampa Productions

Andrew Miller and Patti Petrone-Miller are the husband and wife writing team and the creator/owner/developer of Thumbs Up! An animated series for television.

THUMBS UP! is a ground breaking series never before seen on the big screen or television that centers around a very special dog and his boy with Autism. This is in active development with an "A" list voice over acting team, show runners, animation studio and production team.

Patti is the Guest Judge for PBS where she was the first author in the history of the KIDS GO writing contest to present the awards. Her books are available in braille, print and digital. Three of Patti's books have been placed in the Museum for the Blond in Anona, Italy and distributed by the Mayor of Numana to thirteen schools in Ancona, Italy for the children to learn the English Language. She is head writer for Magic Grampa Productions in conjunction with HANDS OF LAS VEGAS Magician, Mickey Silver for a series of children's books.

Patti is a Literary Agent with FOG Literary Agency.

Patti is a retired educator with a B.A. in Special Education and Elementary Education. Her specialty includes but not limited to, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Down Syndrome.

Together, this powerhouse writing team has published over seventy-eight books.

Andrew Miller is the author and creator of the “Michael Williams” series, the “THUMBS UP!” series, as well as multiple other works in the science fiction and fantasy genres. During the course of his life he has worked with, and interacted with, a broad variety of eclectic subcultures, organizations, and individuals, ranging from armored Stick Jocks of the Society for Creative Anachronism, to custodial engineers equally adept with building microwave cannons and mopping floors, to USMC officers training to defend against time traveling medieval knights. His likes include animals (especially dogs), video games, martial arts, cuisine, and good books. His dislikes include bullies, hypocrites, and “teachers” more interested in yelling at students and whacking them with sticks than in teaching (that is to say, teachers who are bullying hypocrites). His birth sign is Aries, he has no idea why that even matters, and if encountered should be considered talkative and gregarious. Your best option is to put food in his mouth and flee while he’s distracted.

Patti Petrone Miller

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