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Teachers Favorite Books & Books With A Good Cause

Check Out Our Collection of Teacher’s Favorite Books at MagicBeans Bookstore!

Here at MagicBeans Bookstore, we have a great selection of teacher’s favorite books. What teachers love about the collection of books that we have in our online store is the many diverse topics that our books cover. These are not your cookie cutter, traditional children’s books. These books talk about topics such as autism, bullying, multiculturalism, diversity, LGBT, spirituality, and self-esteem - topics that the mainstream sometimes overlooks. We live in a very diverse world, and to nurture a world of understanding, respect and compassion to each other, we need outlets that allow our children to open up doors to other worlds, where they can see the lives of others. 


If you are looking for teacher’s favorite books, look no further than MagicBeans Bookstore. We are located in Tarzana, CA but everything is sold in our online store at


When purchasing a book through "our collection" page you are not only  supporting independent authors and illustrators, but doing your part to support a bigger cause. By showing your support this helps us continue to donate new books to children who don't have them.


Be part of the magic in MagicBeans!  

Where Can You Find Books With A Cause For Children?

Going to the children’s section in any bookstore will show you how many titles exist out there. There are many books with different themes but where can you find the best books with a cause? When we define books with a cause, we are not talking about your typical alphabet book or number book, which are very educational in nature. When we talk about books with a cause, we are talking about diverse children’s books that can reduce stereotypes and prejudices around the world. America is very diverse and reading books with a cause can promote respect, empathy and an understanding for those who, seem, different from us. 


Here at MagicBeans Bookstore, located in Tarzana, CA, we have a variety of books for children with a cause covering different topics. We invite you to check it out at

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