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To donate a signed copy of your book please mail to:  18963 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, Ca. 91356, USA

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a brick and mortar store?

No, we are an ONLINE children's bookstore only.

What kind of children's books are you looking for?

We look for all kinds of books that are written for children by Indie authors. We support the Indie author and Illustrator so our books are mainly self-published and outside the "norm" when it comes to topic and design in comparison to traditionally published books.

What if I sell my book on Amazon or other sites?

That's great! As a SELF PUBLISHED author we expect you to have your books on as many sites as possible in order to promote and get your book out there. Most of our authors have their books on Amazon, we encourage you to let people know to buy your book through our site if they are going to buy on Amazon anyways. This way they can be supporting a great cause and making a difference at the same time. We don't in-house books so we require you to provide ONE URL of where your book is sold and that is where the customer will be directed once they want to buy your book.

What is the purpose of your bookstore?

We believe in self expression and are here to help promote and support the works of Independent authors and Illustrators. We also believe in children and know that they should be able to have books about more diverse topics and issues. We seek out those books on diversity, girl power, mulitcultural and so forth, not your general cookie cutter books. Our drive and mission is to give back to underserved children. We partner up with children's organizations and give back by donating brand new books to promote the importance of literacy! For some, these donated books are the very first books they have ever owned. Help us by donating a book today by mailing it to: 18963 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, Ca. 91356

How do I submit my book to your bookstore?

It's very simple. All you have to do is go to our "author submissions" tab and log in. Once you are there fill out the information about your book and choose a pricing plan that is right for you. Your book will then be displayed on our site within 24-48 hours.

What does it cost to have my book on your site?

We understand that as a self published author you obtain most if not all of the costs when it comes to your book. That's why we made it really affordable and probably the least expensive site out there where for less than a cup of coffee a month we can help promote your book.

Our current membership is :
$3.99 per month (submitting up to 5 books)

$21 for 12 months (for first time authors or illustrators) (submitting up to 20 books) Best Value! $15 for 12 months (returning authors only) *price subject to change at any time

What does my membership fee include?

You can submit multiple books under one plan.

A portion of your membership fee is used to help us buy new books and donate them to children in underserved communities.
You keep 100% of your book sales.

We promote our site all over social media and on Google as well as at school events and other functions in order to have lots of visitors/traffic to our site.
Be a guest blogger and write about your experience as an author as well as your book.
You get access to exclusive promotions and events. You are part of a community that helps support Independent authors and Illustrators and by donating a book you are helping build a library at a local school or home. You are part of spreading the importance of reading and literacy to underprivileged children.
You have another platform to market your book for more exposure! Make sure you tell people where your book is sold, most people will buy if they feel like they are making a difference and if they believe in a cause. So spread the word of where your book is sold, don't just say Amazon, say you are part of a community that is making a difference!

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes. You can cancel anytime just email us @

Do you guarantee book sales?

No. We do not guarantee book sales, whether your book is in an actual bookstore, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or anywhere else no one can guarantee sales of your book. However, the more exposure your book gets, the more likely you will have sales. You are also the best advocate for your book so make sure you spread the word of where your book is sold and be pro-active on marketing your work as well.

What charities do you work with?

Our newest partner is RIF (Reading is Fundamental) of SoCal, the largest and most trusted literacy organization in Southern California. Together, we provide new books to help build and create home libraries for underserved children. We have a huge mission but with the help of community and gracious authors and illustrators that help by donating their books, anything is possible. We need to come together and erradicate illiteracy in underserved children in the United States. To help us reach more children, please donate a new book to 18963 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana Ca. 91356.

Who are the creators of MagicBeans Bookstore?

Sol and Leat Regwan are a married couple with three children who live in Southern California and have an immense passion for books! They made it a ritual to read to their children every night since they were born and their passion developed into something bigger. Their involvment in literacy and children's books grew into a MagicBeans stalk (pun intended) and their mission is for every child to have the oppportunity of having a home library and new books to call their own. Sol is an Optometrist and a published children's author with a growing children's STEM book collection called " The Gizmo Girl Series" sold everywhere books are sold. In addition he helps Indie authors and illustrators get the word out about their books with a large Facebook group following as well as an Indie Children's Cover Award he hosts annually. Leat is a mother of three little ones, she is on the board of RIFSoCal (Reading is Fundamental of Southern California) and is a literacy advocate. She runs the household and MagicBeans Bookstore, she loves designing, crafting, Yoga, hiking, cooking and so many more things, but her favorite pastime is of course reading with her kids!

Do you have a children's book? We want to see it!