Book of the Month Winner, "February"

What's the Matter with Maria?

Mona Kristensen

"What a delightful surprise to receive news that my debut novel was Book of the Month in February at MagicBeans Bookstore! My book is for slightly older readers, and I'm overjoyed that this sentimental tale for sensitive pre-teens/adolescents caught their attention, anyway. Since the theme was Love, they acknowledge that loving oneself is the essential foundation and that embracing all of one's innate traits and characteristics, key.
I so admire MagicBeans' for their mission and how they support diversity and under-represented voices. I'm also grateful for the promotional boost: marketing can be daunting for an introverted indie author.

Thank you so much, MagicBeans!

- Author, Mona Kristensen"

Book of the Month Winner, "October"

Fiasco at the Fair

Pamela Traynor

"Getting the news that Fiasco at the Fair was selected as MagicBeans “book of the month” was a thrill to say the least. I was pleased that this mystery chapter book for ages 7-10, fit with their “Spooky Theme” of the month. After being selected, I received such a warm welcome. The wonderful people at MagicBeans made me feel as if we had been friends for a long time. But what can be expected with a company that puts others first?

 MagicBeans’ mission is to support independent authors, encourage diversity in children’s books and promote literacy in places where it is needed most. Their focus is giving back. I know this author is especially grateful for having the opportunity to be part of this amazing organization. When embarking on a journey of sharing books with the world, every independent author benefits with the help of some MagicBeans."

Thank you, MagicBeans!

-Author, Pamela Traynor

Book of the Month Winner, "August/September"

Circus Fever

Alva Sachs

"Dream Big...our tag line. Thrilling to see that Circus Fever resonates with children and families. Being selected as Book of the Month makes me feel like the Ringmaster along with my illustrator, Patricia Krebs!" -Author, Alva Sachs

Book of the Month Winner, "June/July"

The Boy who talks in Bits and Bobs

Eva Wong Nava

I am over the moon that my debut picture book, The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs, was selected as the Book of the Month  by MagicBeans Bookstore. The month was diversity and multiculturalism at MagicBeans Bookstore and I was so pleased to be celebrating this with the MagicBeans family. This celebration is important to me because I am an advocate for diversity in children's books. My hope is that all children are able to see themselves reflected in the pages of books. 

Thank you, MagicBeans family for this opportunity and especially for selecting The Boy Who Talks in Bits and Bobs as Book of the Month. The Youtube review of the book was wonderfully made, reaching out to thousands of listeners and viewers. I appreciate the extra exposure of my book through various social media platforms and the newsletter which was circulated to a large list of readers. I want to end by saying that I truly believe 'Your voice is Stronger than you think'."

 -Author, Eva Wong Nava

Book of the Month Winner, "April, May"

Thank You, Me

Elena Reznikova

"I am so grateful for the promotion and support I received as a MagicBeans Bookstore Book of the Month winner. It was exciting to speak with Leat in a Facebook Live interview, sharing my journey of self publishing.  The FB live video was shared in 70plus groups and got over 1.5k views.  After the interview i got a bunch of new FB friend requests to connect regarding my book. In combination with running a free Kindle promo, me e-book version of the book got downloaded over 80 times the following day.  Hardcover sales picked up as well. I'm also happy to know that my book is on YouTube now. 

Overall I'm very impressed and grateful for MagicBeans Bookstore's support to authors and book of the month winners." -Author, Elena Reznikova 


"What a dynamic duo! Howell's poetry, paired with Povarchik's ethereal art, is nighttime magic! My children love hearing these poems before bed..."If Night Could Talk" is wonderful...heck...they are all wonderful! If you love children's poetry and gorgeous art, then Shimmer is a must-have."

Rome (amazon review)

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