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How writing helped me believe in myself.

Written by Alexander Saunders for MagicBeans Bookstore

I enjoy being a writer because it is something that

makes me feel alive and I enjoy using my

imagination to bring worlds and people into a book

and making fantasy and fiction a great place to be.

I was born in Portsmouth England and came to Massachusetts at such a young age and always found it hard to fit in try sports or accept of how things are because I’m autistic and because of that I was always bullied not just by kids but by teachers and

adults; they made me feel what I still feel today and why I never believed in myself, but when I started writing and creating stories from my dreams, imagination and how I wish things could be, then I felt like my imagination was coming to life in front of me. As I wrote it made me feel happy and it’s something I hope to inspire my readers to see.

Imagination and being yourself is not something to be ashamed of and many teachers, kids and adults I knew in my life wanted me to feel happy because everyone should have hope. Everyone has talents and gifts and what I aspire as a writer and a person and why I love writing books is to hope to make many people very happy as they read my books.

Just as they did for me.

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