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Hi! I'm Emma! I love to write, read, and play with my dog Ozzie!

Guess what? Ozzie is going to have his own books too! He is always making me laugh so we are going to share some of his adventures soon!

Right now, the Mom's Choice Gold Winner Darsh and Mr. Mahua Become Friends is available on the MagicBeans Bookstore website! Darsh is a sweet boy who meets a lifelong friend and this book is their first meeting!

Also in the works is a digital course about something I am very passionate about - money! The first course will be beginner lessons on how to introduce money to children using virtues. There are short, fun videos, printables and a special parents section.

To be notified when the course is available for sale copy and paste this URL into your browser:

That's it for now! Feel free to reach out! Would love to hear from you!

Emma Carson
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