Why MagicBeans Bookstore?

So, I get that question a lot. Why MagicBeans Bookstore? How did you come up with that? So I decided what a great topic for a blog. By no means am I a writer like many of you talented authors on the site and I am sure you will be able to tell without mention by my lack of well... talent but I'm willing to give it a go. And, I am already out of my comfort zone so why not keep going. Right?

Well about two years ago my husband Sol developed a hobby which developed into an obsessive passion, which developed into kind of a second part time career or shall I say endeavor, one that took up much of his time at nights after the kids went to bed and what I thought was supposed to be "our" quiet time together. Yes, you guessed it, this time consuming "hobby" was writing children's books and learning and researching everything in that colorful and imaginative space.

But let me back track a bit, the reason this even all began was only after we had kids (three to be exact, which at times feels like it might as well be ten, but different topic) and reading to them at night became a ritual and something we all looked forward too. My husband has always loved writing and has the "whatever exact thing you need to sit and write for hours at a time" factor. However, writing for children was something completely different. It was harder than it looks. His first book "The Adventures of Pugley Bear, Home Sweet Home" was about a bear that was having trouble sharing the spotlight when his sister was born and all the attention shifted to her. True inspiration and experiences that stem from the birth of my daughter and how my two year old son was telling us to "give her back to the hospital" because he was having a tough time sharing his world.