Joy Sun Bear-Big Changes, New Adventures! A Covid Feelings Workbook Blog-Shearin and John Lee

The year of 2020 will always be remembered as the year where the world changed forever. As the threat of COVID-19 became increasingly dangerous, many schools went fully remote in the spring 2020. Shearin and John’s daughter, Aliyah, was one of many students in the country whose lifestyle changed, overnight, from spending the day in school and running around a schoolyard, to video chats with her class and instant messages with her friends. As parents, the hardest thing was seeing how the uncertainty, big changes, and overwhelming emotions were affecting their daughter. Shearin and John felt helpless at times, wanting to protect Aliyah from the pain and confusion, and have the answers she was looking for. But sadly, that isn't easy during a pandemic.

When Aliyah started getting upset because she didn't know why she was so sad and scared, her parents began to teach her mindfulness techniques they'd gained from their own experience as well as methods they'd collected from other resources. Having already run a website for kids and written a children's book, Shearin and John were well equipped to translate these exercises into something kid-friendly and accessible.

"We are so proud of my daughter for being brave and working through all her overwhelming emotions with us during this challenging time. We are proud that she wanted to help other kids and families so they could feel better as well. We are proud that she took all we have gone through, during such a scary time, and used it to inspire and help her classmates. We are proud of our entire family, for working hard to create something positive to help others during such a dark time in history. We feel very grateful for this opportunity, and hope it can help as many families as possible," -Shearin and John Lee