Listen to your Tiny Ninja

Written by Sasha Graham for MagicBeans Bookstore

Before my daughter was born, her big brothers nicknamed her “Tiny Ninja” because they were looking forward to her completing their trifecta of ninjas. They knew that she would, at least at first, be very little so they called her their “Tiny Ninja”.

I had been writing professionally for a long time, first for television, then as a publicist at Disney and had always enjoyed writing for pleasure as well. I really loved the “small but mighty” feel of the name “Tiny Ninja” and it eventually weaved its way into stories I was working on and this concept of personifying our best self as a Tiny Ninja quickly began to take shape.

Over the course of many stories, I developed a collection that centers around the idea that we’re each born with a Tiny Ninja who is the best version of us; brave, compassionate, and kind.