Two Dads, Two Daughters – Our Story, Our Voice

Updated: Sep 29

Written by Tom Tracy for MagicBeans Bookstore When my husband and I adopted our first child, we knew how important it would be to ensure she saw her family represented in the world around her. What we didn’t know was just how difficult that was going to be, especially in children’s literature. Reading was (and still is) a constant activity with her.

Her bookshelves were quickly filled with the old standbys, like Dr. Seuss and The Berenstain Bears, mixed in with the likes of Sandra Boynton

(to this day, our family’s favorite author) and lesser-known authors. Those books were balanced by others that featured two dads or discussed adoption (thanks, Jamie Lee Curtis) or honored all families (you can’t go wrong with Todd Parr's books), but those books didn’t quit