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"How to Teach Kids Body Love!"

Written by author Estee Fox

Dear Care Takers:

Bodies can be weird, beautiful, painful, and magical places. "You are an Elephant" is a book and a practice for children and caretakers to engage side by side in body acceptance, body appreciation and body courage.

The body is home to the soul, and a mind and body relationship is a life long practice and journey. Read this book to help build resilience and shift focus to a holistic view of the body that nourishes a growing mind. Begin to build mental strength in children for a positive body image. Visit and renew your relationship with your body. Thrive together.

Tell your children now how much you value them, that their ideas and gifts matter to you and the world. Your children value having a brave voice and taking up space! ... Just like an elephant. I made this book for my younger self and my 3-year-old daughter. I made this book for you and your children. I made this book with love. Read this book at bedtime, after meals, and at times of stress, pain, or joy! I hope you and your children find this book a place of solace. This book is here for you.


Estee Fox

Connect with Estee Fox @, and on Instagram @SideBySideBooks

"Like a slow continuous chant, let it seep into your bones, and grow strong hearts. The more we can stay at home in our own body, no matter conditions, the less we will leave and launch into negative behaviors that harm self or other. Estee has created the real medicine, ART, to bridge us to our brilliance." - Diane Renz

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